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CrazyAngel - ait Kullanıcı Resmi (Avatar)
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CrazyAngel has much to be proud ofCrazyAngel has much to be proud ofCrazyAngel has much to be proud ofCrazyAngel has much to be proud ofCrazyAngel has much to be proud ofCrazyAngel has much to be proud ofCrazyAngel has much to be proud ofCrazyAngel has much to be proud of
Standart Medics Finally Get Together Ch. 02

As we laid there, holding each other as we started to drift off, we heard the unmistakable sound of the front door to the apartment unlocking. Ellen looked at me with terror in her eyes. Apparently, she wasn't the only one with a key to this apartment. We both thought we would be alone for the day. Boy, were we wrong. We heard the front door open and seconds later, close and lock. Someone was walking towards the bedrooms and we didn't have enough time to even grab our clothes, let alone get dressed. I looked into Ellen's eyes and told her, "We'll deal with whatever comes of this."

We looked towards the bedroom door as Kelly entered the room. She stopped short and took in the scene. "Well, at least someone is getting laid." She groused, "Henry hasn't touched me in months."

Let me tell you about Kelly. We have been friends for, about, 5 years. She is also an EMS Supervisor with our agency, who married a, now retired, Captain. She is beautiful with the face of an angel, framed by shoulder length curly, blonde hair, with just enough gray in it to betray her 49 years. She stands about 5'8" tall and weighs about 300 lbs. You can tell she's a big girl, but in her uniform or a pair of jeans, she looks very well proportioned. She has an enormous chest, larger than Ellen's. Where Ellen is carrying a 42-F size, Kelly was a full 48-J. I had known about the problems with her husband, We were very close. She had seen me through my divorce and kept me sane. When I had my "issue" with alcohol, after a series of really bad calls,, she was the one who got me to help.

She had, apparently, come in early from home for her overnight shift, hoping to get some sleep before her 16 hour day. I was huddled under the blanket, trying to keep from exposing myself to Kelly, but Ellen had no such qualms. She hopped out of bed, to go to the bathroom, and as she passed Kelly, gave her a rather deep kiss on her lips. They held the kiss for about thirty seconds and Ellen went on to take care of her bladder.

Kelly turned to me and asked "Are you crazy, sleeping with her?" "You work too closely together. Especially with her being at the next station."

I told Kelly, "Look, I know you care and are just looking out for me, but I've had it bad for her, since she worked for me."

Kelly looked at me and said "Look, I understand you're alone since the divorce, just be careful. Ellen has a rather voracious appetite, and not just for men."

I pondered Kelly's warning as I heard the toilet flush and Ellen came back into the bedroom. She walked over to Kelly and kissed her again. "Well, aren't you going to get undressed too?"

Kelly started to disrobe. As each article of clothing came off, my cock started getting harder. By the time Kelly's gigantic tits came out of her bra, I was as hard as a rock. I didn't want Kelly to find that out, it was like göztepe escort getting a hard-on for your sister, to me.

Ellen took Kelly's hand and led her to the bed. Ellen climbed under the covers, saw my erection and smirked. She told Kelly to get in bed, "Come on, we're beat and I know you are after that 4 hour drive in." Kelly reached for her nightgown in the dresser and Ellen told her "What, now you're suddenly shy? We're all medical professionals here and you just stood stark naked for 5 minutes, in front of us."

I told Kelly "Just get in bed."

Kelly slid under the covers. I turned to Ellen and put my arm across her ample chest. She had an evil glint in her eye and told me "Turn over, I want to hold you. Cuddle with Kelly, if you need to hold someone."

I turned over and looked at Kelly. Just looking at her laying next to me, knowing she was naked under the blanket brought me back up to full mast. Kelly, not knowing, told me, "Come on, you can hold me."

I knew there was no way Kelly wasn't going to immediately know I had a raging hard-on if she snuggled up to me. "Fuck it" I thought. "Kell is fucking gorgeous. What the hell?"

I lifted the blanket and held my arm up so Kelly could move in next to me. As soon as she did, I felt my cock slide into her ass crack. She gave a little jump and turned to look at me with a ticked off look on her face. I gave her a shrug as if to say "Sorry".

Then Ellen piped up from behind me, "Hey Kell, like having John in a sandwich?" Kelly's hand snaked down to touch my hard cock and started to slide along it. "Mmmm, yeah, feels nice holding him."

Ellen picked her head up and looked over me to see the motion under the blanket. I felt her hand sliding over my hip and taking hold of me as well. When Kelly's hand contacted hers, it was like Kelly got shocked. Her hand pulled away and I was left with Ellen holding my hard-on. She told Kelly, "There's no problem, he's got plenty to share." Kelly gingerly took me in her soft hand, stroking gently along the length of my cock.

I rolled to lay on my back and Kelly turned over to put her head on my chest. Ellen followed suit and soon I had a pair of hands stroking me. Ellen leaned over me and kissed Kelly, passionately. I saw their mouths open and their tongues start dancing around with each other. Pre-cum was starting to leak out of my cock and slide down to lubricate their hands. They both felt it and turned from each other to kiss me. Ellen was the first to break away from the kiss as her hand slid across me, to squeeze Kelly's tit. I took ahold of one of her inch wide nipples, tugging and running my thumb over it.

Kelly's breath quickened as we continued assaulting her chest mountains. Her groaning with pleasure exciting me even more. Ellen's hand released her breast and slid back across me. I felt kartal escort her moving, behind me as I took Kelly's other nipple in between my lips, sucking it into my mouth. My tongue flickering on it and my teeth scraping along its length as I let it out of my mouth.

I was lying with my mouth on her one tit and my hand working on her other one. I felt Kelly start moving her lower body around on the bed. I looked up from my activities, to see Ellen slinking up between Kelly's legs and gently prying her thighs apart. She began kissing and running here tongue along Kelly's calves and thighs. I watched with fascination as the woman I just made love to settled in between Kelly's splayed thighs and dipped her head toward her pussy. I saw Ellen's arms wrap around her thighs and spread her further apart. I could see she had her face buried into Kelly's crotch.

I heard sucking sounds coming from between Kelly's legs and saw Ellen's head nodding up and down. She looked at me, over Kell's hairless mound and I could tell by her eyes that she was thoroughly enjoying herself. I left Kelly's tits and moved down to watch a woman I loved, eat pussy on another woman I loved. I had watched plenty of lesbian scenes in porn movies over the years, but to have it playing out live, in front of me, made me hard enough to chip diamonds.

Ellen released her mouth from Kelly's puss, long enough to tell me to give her a hand, or two. She wanted me to reach in between Kelly's thighs and open her labia as far as I could. The thought of being in the middle of this made my cock start leaking clear fluid, again. Ellen pushed her thighs even further apart and I slid my hands along the sides of her beautiful, dripping pussy.

As my fingers worked their way into the space between Ellen's face and Kelly's opening, I heard Kelly have a sudden intake of breath. I looked back up at her face and she seemed to be in ecstasy. She was roughly pulling at her nipples, stretching them before wetting her fingers with her tongue and circling her enormous nubs. Her breath was coming in small gasps as her pelvis started to thrust slightly into Ellen's face.

I turned my attention back to her lower half and slipped my fingers along the inside of her swollen pussy lips. I gently pulled them apart, giving Ellen deeper access to her pink, wet center. I could see Ellen's tongue sliding in and out of Kelly's soaking tunnel as she tongue fucked her as deep as she could. I started pressing and moving my thumbs over her engorged clitoris and she began to buck wildly.

"Oh yes, Oh yes" she was whispering, as our ministrations took her over the edge. Her hips rose up, off the bed as a gush of fluid shot out of her and soaked Ellen's face. Her cum running down and dripping onto the bed from Ellen's chin. Ellen continued lapping up the leaking juices like a kitten at maltepe escort a bowl of milk, trying to lick up every drop.

Kelly started to come down from her orgasm and Ellen was still lying between her thighs, kissing her, still spasming, pussy. I moved back up and started kissing Kelly, our tongues dancing around each other. She wrapped her big arms around my neck and pulled me in hard.

Ellen released her thighs and crawled out from between her legs. Her face resembled a glazed doughnut. I came away from Kelly's embrace and started to clean Ellen off with my tongue, running it over her sticky face, tasting Kelly's cum as I did. Ellen looked at me and said "For being such a good boy, you deserve a treat." I watched as she moved towards the head of the bed and put herself squatting over Kelly's face. She lowered herself onto Kelly's outstretched tongue. I had never realized how long a tongue she actually had. It protruded a good 4 inches past her lips and reminded me of a certain rock star. Ellen immediately sighed as the long appendage penetrated her dripping nether region.

She looked at me and told me "You look ready, fuck her." Kelly froze for a second and Ellen looked down between her thighs and asked "That's ok with you, right dear?" Kelly's only response was a nodding of her head, which ran her tongue along Helen's wet channel.

I crawled between Kelly's legs and knelt between her wide open thighs. I guided the head of my cock to the entrance of her tunnel and ran it up and down through her lips. Settling the tip at her vaginal opening, I pushed forward, sliding into her cavern in one swift thrust. I heard a muffled yelp from Kelly as I bottomed out in her, pushing against her cervix. Kneeling there, buried deep in my best friend as my lover was getting her pussy eaten by her was an incredible feeling.

Slowly I began to move my cock in and out of Kelly's twat, lifting her legs up and draping them over my shoulders. I was as deep in her as I could go. I began to pick up speed and force in my thrusts. I knew that with the scene playing out in front of me, with Kelly's tongue buried deep in Ellen and my shaft plowing into Kelly, I wasn't going to last long. I felt Kelly's pussy start to undulate and squeeze my staff as though it were trying to milk it. I was now plunging in and out of Kelly as Ellen was beginning to tighten up as her climax was hitting her. I felt a warm splash of liquid on my balls as they tightened and I felt a tickle in my groin. With no warning to Kelly, my cock began pumping ribbons of my semen into her receptive womb.

I watched Ellen drop over to the side, spent from her orgasm. My cock was still jumping, deep inside Kelly, who was nearly hyperventilating. Her breathing slowed to close to normal after a few minutes. I felt my deflating organ sliding out of Kelly's tunnel and a dropping to the bed. A dollop of my seed, running out of her. I moved up to lay between them as they each laid their heads on my chest as a very satisfied feeling came over me. We all drifted off to sleep as I was wondering where this was leading.

(To be continued)
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