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Standart MAGIX Samplitude Pro X5 Suite x64 Final

MAGIX Samplitude Pro X5 Suite x64 Final

MAGIX Samplitude Pro X5 Suite x64 Final | 1.01 GB

The latest version of Samplitude offers above all a completely new level of sound editing. ARA and Melodyne essential allows you to achieve results that previously could not even dream of.
Unprecedented functional capacity: Last updated version allows you to work with sound in Samplitude Pro X to a whole new level. Now you can copy tracks even from one project to another. In this case, you can select which of the settings will be stored in the transfer (this can bytVST modules, the AUX-bus-bus Submix, return a VSTi-elements and others). New features greatly facilitate your work at all stages.
Powerful. Stable. Very accurately: In updating our powerful DAW you will find more than 100 enhancements and new features, in particular, the possibility without any inconvenience to embed external audio editors, such as the SOUND FORGE Pro or SpectraLayers Pro. Free download update all users have Samplitude Pro X.
a world-class sound processing: The winner of a Grammy, that works for you personally! Plug-Celemony Melodyne essential allows to work so that for the results would not be ashamed at all levels. Repeatedly proven algorithms enable you to turn around for real.
Working with the pitch: Change the pitch of the material, which were originally admitted some inaccuracies, thus bringing projects to a professional level. Melodyne is distinguished primarily by the natural sound when working with tone.
Timing correction: Change the timing of individual notes and tones your material over a wide range. Stretching pace in Melodyne is performed not blindly, but taking into account the specific musical characteristics and features.
Built by ARA: Celemonys ARA expands VST-protocol Samplitude Pro X, so that modules and basic software efficiently "cooperate". The modules will have among other things a direct access to the settings of tempo and tone of the material height.
Audio-to-MIDI: Dubbing language tracks with the help of a software tool to convert audio tracks in the MIDI-files for mixing, and the widespread use virtual drum machine: New feature Audio-to-MIDI opens up completely new possibilities.
Mixer. Remixes: Shire? Higher? Farther? The new settings for the mixer are selected in accordance with the specific tasks for a particular project. Regardless of whether you have 10 or 100 more, you can safely monitor what is happening. In addition, you can combine a modern digital solution with the "tube" analog.
the rate of Automation and recognition of BPM: Samplitude Pro X calculates speed of sound files automatically in the background. In combination with the built-in cruise control project, you get get a really powerful tool for creating music. If you change the playback tempo of the project, the rate of the individual components automatically adjusts to the overall picture.
Zynaptiq Orange Vocoder ME: Contained in Orange Vocoder ME effects kits allow you to significantly expand the scope of the achievable, experiment with materials, picking the perfect option.
The function of adding comments to tracks objects and duplicates: You can log the performed settings for objects and tracks or to evaluate double immediately after recording. You will have your own electronic notebook that helps you thoroughly evaluate what is happening during the operation.
New Conversation starter: Even before the recording, you can setup a sampling frequency, resolution and other central characteristics. Thus you will have complete creative freedom while working.
Pop Drums: Pop Drums module combines electronic and tax, "tube" drums. Create a decent foundation for music in any style, starting with a new wave and to rock, pop and EDM.
Concert grand piano: Concert Grand Based on the sound of a concert grand piano in the world famous concert hall of this instrument impresses primarily by its incomparable with anything comparable authenticity.
Cinematic Soundscapes: Create atmospheric music or hard bearing bits. Cinematic Soundscapes will give your project a magical, deep sound.
The church organ: Church Organ Italian grace! This tool is based on the sound of the Venetian sampled piano. Ample opportunities to configure the sound depending on the specific situation, make this tool even more attractive. Ideal for rock ballads, hip-hop and modern dance.

Year / Release Date: 04.2020
Developer: MAGIX
Website Developer: MAGIX
Bit depth: 64bit
Language: Multilingual (Russian available)
Medicine: Present
System requirements: Operating systems Win8 & Win10 (running on Win7)
Processor: 2 GHz
RAM: 2 GB (32-bit), 4 GB (64-bit)
Graphics card: Onboard, minimum resolution 1024 x 768
Sound card: Onboard
Program languages: English, Deutsch, Fran�ais, Castellano, Italiano.


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