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Standart Trimble Tekla Tedds SP3 21.3.0 With Enginnering Librarie September 2019

Trimble Tekla Tedds SP3 21.3.0 With Enginnering Librarie September 2019

Trimble Tekla Tedds SP3 21.3.0 With Enginnering Librarie September 2019
x86,x64 | File Size: 780 MB

Tekla Tedds powerful software for automating calculations and building construction. Handheld computing time and working with spreadsheets (Spreadsheet) Forget boring, with Tedds all the things you can do automatically and in real time.
Comprehensive and extensive calculations, it is quick and easy and will prevent human errors. Safes are ready to documents according to corporate standards such as letterhead and custom logo and saves a lot of time and improve the delivery of documents and will be reported. This release requests valued customers and a lot of features and enhancements have been added to the program.

Facilities and software features of Tekla Tedds:
-Access to a large range of library construction and development
-Illustrated inputs and outputs in graphical form and live
-Eliminating the need for software analysis / analysis of
-The interface is simple and compelling
-Ability to work with Microsoft Word (word) - a renowned software and documentation standards
-Construction frameworks such as beams and skeletal analysis and ...
-Use only one solution for all common materials and components
-Creating transparent calculations for Czech They simply
-Compare the different options and rapid application design changes
-Consistent and non-contradictory documentation
-Improve the quality assurance process
-Updated regularly and get the latest calculations and scripts
-Writing, storage and distribution of custom calculations You
-A range of powerful development tools
-Reducing the risk of traditional computing methods
-Update your calculations with just a push of a button
-Share your knowledge of distributed computing and business.
-The notes and the various documentation projects
-Customize level of detail when output
-Various output formats including pdf
-Archiving your calculations and store cards in a server
-Linking parts of graphics computing section Tedds

System Requirements:
-OS:32-bit or 64bit Microsoft Windows 7 SP1/8.1/10 Operating systems must be running the latest service packs / updates.
-CPU:Multi core Intel i3 Series or above, Xeon or AMD equivalent Highest affordable performance recommended.
-Memory:2GB Memory requirements are dependant on document content.
-Graphics:1920 x 1080 resolution 1GB or higher of dedicated RAM.
-Disk space:1GB or more of free space for installation. Operational disk space requirements are highly dependant on model content.
-Internet connection: Required for access to Online Services and some documentation.
Microsoft Word: 32-bit or 64-bit of Microsoft Word 2010, 2013, 2016 or 2019.
-Microsoft Word needs to be fully service packed.

If you are running a 64-bit version of Windows you will require both updates.

Tekla Tedds 2019 Service Pack 3 Release notes:

-Fixed the Contact Support command requiring a Tekla Structures maintenance license in order to submit a support case via the Tekla Support Tool.

2D analysis:
-Fixed result diagrams in the user interface and output showing the text for some results upside down after installing Service Pack 2.
-Minor amendments to the user interface to ensure controls are consistently sized and aligned in order to improve the overall visual quality.

Writing Calculations:

-New DrawStringOrientation function for controlling the orientation of text which is useful when part of a drawing component or drawing will have a global transformation. The orientation options will ensure that regardless of the transformations applied the text will remain vertical or horizontal relative to the drawing canvas and always upright.

-New data list functions DListGetVarMax and DListGetVarMin which return the maximum and minimum numeric values for the specified variable on the currently selected data list page. If an item filter is applied the value will be limited to the items which match the current filter.

-Added ShowMaterialSection property to the 2D analysis user interface to show or hide the Material and Section controls when using the single member user interface.

Tekla Tedds Engineering Library (September 2019):

Steel member analysis & design:
-Enhanced user experience to simplify the design of single beams or columns, with improved calculation performance and optimisations which allow designs to be completed more quickly than previously.

Batch design

Enhanced to include numerous benefits including:

-New output option to send the output to the Tedds Application, a project will be created and each design will be added as a project document. If the Output folder is defined then the project file and all the documents will also be automatically saved in the specified folder.

-New "Batch mode" option "Design first row then modify". Using this mode the first design is run with the normal user interface and then subsequent designs are run using the final results from the first design with any defined inputs applied as modifications to that original design.

-New "Update input" option which when enabled will save the input variables back to the input sheet when the design case has completed and can therefore be used to record new designs that start with no input or partial input for the design.

-Enhanced so that when the "Output document" option is "None" the variable "output_detail" is set to "None" which can significantly reduce the time taken for some calculations to calculate because the output will not be processed at all.

-Enhanced so that if a calculation is cancelled the batch process will stop.
-Enhanced so that if an incorrect unit is defined for an output variable an appropriate error message will be reported.
-Fixed calculation error messages not always appearing in the foreground.

Bearing pressures for rectangular footings
-Enhanced for improved performance when used via automation or batch design. Output options have also been added to allow the calculation title to be modified, to set the output detail, to optionally include the sketch and user defined notes can also be included.

Other updates:

Calculation writing documentation
-Documented functions SolvSetMemberRotation and SolvSetElementRotation which were added in Service Pack 2

RC pile cap design:

-Amended pile punching perimeter being considered when not required.
-Updated calculation notes to include missing reference to Malaysia national annex.

Timber 2D analysis & design
-Fixed undefined variable error associated with the sketches of notches at bearings.
General amendments aimed at improving the calculation performance including.
minor amendments to the layout of interface.

USA:Steel member analysis & design (AISC360)
-Enhanced user experience to simplify the design of single beams or columns, with improved calculation performance and optimisations which allow designs to be completed more quickly than previously.
Batch design



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